About Pikachoo

Welcome to Pikachoo everyone! Does the name sound unique? Well unique is our mission too.

Pikachoo-an online marketplace, the one stop for unique, attractive and at the same time affordable creative and handmade items. You must be wondering what makes our venture stand out from the rest. The answer is our motive. This company aims to provide a new platform for young passionate creative designers and is the first of its kind. We are faced with a number of situations where it is difficult to showcase our talent just because we didn’t have a platform. Pikachoo aims to filter out those gifted individuals who want to be noticed and guides them in their endeavour by helping them reach out to the general public.

Pikachoo has in store a wide array of items ranging from handmade, vintage to natural products. We have unquestionable quality cakes, flowers, chocolates and any other gift item one could possibly imagine that too at extremely affordable rates. Register with us to enjoy this beautiful world of gift items that we have designed for you.

Help us help the individual hidden talents that we seek to bring to your attention. Help us help you.

Pikachoo — happiness at your doorstep.